Rev Kenny Smith

Rev Kenny Smith's

Rev Kenny Smith

Pastor Kenneth and Co-Tongela Smith, licensed and ordained ministers.
The Smith’s together founded and established Faith Works Christian Center, a non-denominational and multi-cultural church located in McDonough Georgia.

Pastor Ken, originally from Buffalo. He was born into a ministry family, the second son in a family of preachers. Pastor Ken has more than a couple of decades teaching and counseling, which enable him to reach many with humor, warmth and transparency. As a child, Ken found his place in the music industry. In later years, Pastor Ken travelled the globe as a sought after bass player for many national and international groups, choirs, and Gospel Artists. He finally settled into a ministry as a Worship/Music Arts Pastor for more than 10 years, and faithfully served in this capacity until answering the call as Senior Pastor of NDCC, alongside his beautiful wife Tongela. Pastor Ken, a teacher by design, and a true lover of God’s word. A man who is resolute in his faith, and a man of fervent prayer. His love for God and God’s people is very evident. A quintessential family man, he possesses the gentleness and strength of an authentic servant leader. He is a man that has a pastors heart.

Co-Pastor Tongela D. Smith, Assistant Pastor of Faith Works Christian Center, has passionately answered the call to open minds and touch hearts with biblically based principles of inner healing and personal empowerment. Smith, of Niagara Falls, N.Y. Once a backup vocalist for James Brown and a single mother struggling to discover her own identity admits that she learned some of life’s most important lessons the hard way. But God stepped in and turned her misery into her ministry.

Tongela combines her personal spiritual journey, leadership wisdom, and depth of spiritual understanding to help expose and shatter the forces that hold human souls captive. Her purpose is fully wrapped in empowering people of all walks of life to break free from the social, psychological, and physical limitations caused by toxic belief systems and the scars of life. Currently Smith is the co-founder and CEO of New Direction Community Network Inc. 501c3 non-profit agency, established to provide mentoring fostering academic accomplishment, positive character development, healthy lifestyles, and leadership skills.

Tongela is a Certified Life Coach and the CEO of IMPACT Life Coaching and Smith Mediation Services. She’s a devout mother of 4, mother-in love of 2 and grand-mother of 2.

Together Ken and Tongela are committed to the vision of empowering and imparting into the lives of the individuals and extending the global message of Hope & Faith to the community and around the world.